So often I get asked why I offer New Moon Clearings rather than Full Moon Clearings.. I mean, the New Moon is all about planting seeds + new beginnings and the Full Moon is all about clearing, releasing and ending cycles right?

Well, in its most simplistic form, yes, but hear me out on this! I bet you’ve already started to work with the lunar cycles of the moon, otherwise you wouldn’t even be here!

Maybe it’s the Full Moon, New Moon, or both? Maybe you’ve even kicked it up a notch and have followed the waxing and waning, too,  if you are really into it?!


LET ME ASK YOU THIS: How is that working for ya? 

Are you clearing, releasing, creating + manifesting everything you desire with each cycle of the moon?

OR . .

Do you find yourself working with some ‘version’ of the same with every lunar cycle, and feel as though you take two steps forward and one step back?

Or maybe nothing is happening at all?

(Well, F*ck eh?!)

You keep ‘trying’ to create something that you really want, and it never seems to come to fruition!


'A powerful opportunity for helpers, healers, spiritual entrepreneurs and warriors of light who are seeking support and guidance to move deeper into their own purpose NOW.

I first met Tracy when I signed up for her Modern Day Magic Clearing series. I’ve had personal sessions with her and can tell you she is a powerful guide, healer, teacher, and channel for Spirit.' ~Danielle B

One thing I know for sure is that when I want to manifest something, there are a few things I need to keep in mind!

First, I have to be willing to put in the work through mindset, energy + action to create what I desire rather than trying to ‘will’ it into existence!


But MORE IMPORTANTLY, I have to take a look at what is blocking me from that in the first place!!


THAT is the step that I notice is commonly missed or avoided with clients that I work with! And this is where mainstream metaphysical and spiritual teachings are only sharing a piece of what it really takes to create what you want + manifest your desires!

Why? Because as a human you will innately align to what your core beliefs are and live your life from that place!


‘If I can just think positive thoughts, use affirmations and focus on what I want then I can force it into fruition and my beliefs, conditioning and past life programming won’t matter!’


Umm…. in a word,

SORRY, NO. (oops, that's two words!)



Because you cannot create what you cannot align to, and you can’t align to what you are blocking or don’t feel is possible!



'The process itself was comfortable, peaceful and simple to follow and I felt very safe. THE OUTCOME WAS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!

I experienced a situation with a completely different perspective, renewed curiosity, vibrance, gentleness, love and openness.' ~Christina V


Which means that all the visioning + positive affirmations in the world will not get you to where you want to be IF you don’t believe that you can have it, deserve or feel it’s possible!

And if we dive a little deeper into these concepts, what you will find is that underneath the resistance that is attached to those core beliefs are your woundings that are blocking you from what you know on some level you can access.

If you don’t believe you deserve to live a life you love, or you don’t believe that you are worthy of making more money or having a career you are passionate about . .

If you are blocking yourself from more intimate connections because you were betrayed in past lives by people that you were intimately connected with or abandoned by those that you loved the most . . 


All the positive thinking and affirmations will fall away as quickly as they come into your mind or are spoken out loud . . 


Please don’t beat yourself up though or throw your hands in the air and say ‘F*ck it all, this sh*t doesn’t work for people like me’!



What if you can do both?

What if you can clear the blocks AND THEN set an intention for this next Lunar cycle as to what you are planting seeds for? 

It’s like working and tending to the soil in your garden BEFORE you place the seeds in the dirt!



Hey Universe,

how much better can it get?



There is a beautiful energy to the season of Taurus that brings forth an invitation to cultivate Abundance + Peace…

It truly does feel like a breath of fresh air and an opportunity to ‘stop + smell the roses’..

But what lies at the root of an abundant and peaceful life is something that you likely have been struggling with for quite a while..


Your Sense of Self Worth.


For if consciously or unconsciously, you still struggle to truly believe that you are worthy of all that is abundant in the Universe, there can be no sense of inner peace within you.

If you’re in a state of never being ‘good enough,’ your soul’s deepest desires cannot yet come into your reality.

Join me in Sacred Ceremony for The Clearing, where we will break old patterns within you that have been cloaking your intentions with seeds of doubt and redefine your self worth as you begin the lunar cycle ahead..

As If By Magic!



  • Energy Clearing: Embark on a journey of profound collective energy clearing, allowing you to release what no longer serves you, making space for new growth and opportunities
  • Akashic Records Exploration: Delve into the records of your soul's journey, gaining insight and wisdom that will guide your intentions for the next lunar cycle
  • Emotional Release: Release emotional baggage, freeing you to manifest from a place of emotional clarity and strength
  • Intention Setting: With a clear energetic slate, you'll have the perfect foundation to set powerful intentions for the coming month 





It’s an Invitation for Your Healing + Transformation and to open yourself up to 'What Else is F*cking Possible' + Aligning EVEN MORE in 2024 with the natural rhythms of the universe!

The Journey Toward Your Highest Potential Begins With a Single Step…



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The Clearing

Step Inside Here!

Subscribe to my Exclusive Insider Email list to be on a ‘first to know’ basis, have insider access, and receive regular spiritual truthbombs and Musings from yours truly!

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