Experience the realm of Generational Trauma Healing

& resolve physical, social & energetic disharmonies 
that have been passed down 
through your family for generations

Are you the generational pattern changer of your family?

  • You've had a deep, inner knowing there’s SOMETHING DEEPER as to what holds you back
  • ​You feel like you’re the only one aware of dysfunctional patterns playing out between family members
  • ​You feel like something unrelated to this lifetime is causing friction in your relationships, health, fertility, body, or overall sense of ease
  • ​You have strange phobias, fears or irrational repulsions/impulses that are incongruent with any traumas you’ve experienced or healed in this life
  • ​You've had the inkling that there's generational traumas, loyalties, unspoken lies or SOMETHING within your family line that is causing friction in your current reality

If any of those are a 'YES' . . .
It didn’t START with you . . . But it ENDS with you, now!

Join me for an deeply immersive healing experience 
& remove the anchors from your family's history 
that are creating issues in your current reality!

Children seldom or never dare to live a happier or more fulfilling life than their parents . . unconsciously, they remain loyal to unspoken family traditions that work invisibly. Family Constellations are a way of discovering underlying family bonds and forces that have been carried unconsciously over several generations."       - Dr. Bertold Ulsamer 

S.I.T Constellations are designed to uncover and bring harmony to unconscious loyalties, patterns and belief systems that are contributing to physical, emotional and spiritual dis-ease that's been carried unconsciously for generations. 

Through our 6 sessions together, you will: 


Connect to & sharpen your intuition.
Through this process, you will experience how AWARE & INTUITIVE you really are! Get tapped into your innate capacity to receive information, work through conflict & play in your own healing abilities.


Receive & contribute healing.
Initiate lateral, systemic healing for the generations preceding and following you as well as receive horizontal healing by participating in 5 others' constellations. 
You receive just as much through participating!


Create lifelong bonds.
You will spend 6 sessions within this cohort crying together, laughing together, growing together and creating “chosen family” type bonds. 
This work attracts humans who just CLICK! 
The kind of friends you’ve been longing for.


Similar to a S.I.T Session, there are 3 core Steps to 
a S.I.T Constellation:

As a recipient, you will choose a Reason for your Constellation (a physical, emotional, relational or spiritual disharmony you'd like resolved).
Using the same S.I.T Reveal Process, I am trained to uncover the "root cause" of the disharmony or dis-ease that's been carried or passed down systemically.
This is often a memory, traumatic event, cultural burden, curse, generational loyalty, etc that is essentially anchored in your family's history. 
I will also be able to access the family members & key people involved in the memory that need resolution.

Once the Reason & Reveal has been established, the Constellation begins. 

The other participants within the group will then become "representatives" (aka: surrogates) for the family members who are involved in the revealed anchor/memory.
Each participant will naturally feel drawn to surrogate a specific "role". 
This happens completely intuitively!
Upon settling into their roles, the constellation participants soon start to think, feel, and act as if they were the person they are representing.

They do this without guidance or information about the family member. Again, this all happens intuitively, and people are typically FLABBERGASTED by how accurate the personalities & dynamics are played out. 

This process is also known as 'Channeling', and as a side effect of also participating in constellations, you will become much more connected to your intuition!
It's also VERY common to choose roles that you require personal healing in; so even as a participant of other peoples constellations, you will receive so much within your own life!
As your S.I.T Constellation Facilitator, I will observe the behavior and dynamics play out between each participant in the role they're holding space for. 
Using S.I.T (as well as any other modalities I am trained in, as needed) I will then work with each participant to re-establish & Reprogram energetic and emotional harmony within the family members.
Conversations often emerge between participants which are deeply emotional, healing and empowering; not only for the observer whom is receiving the constellation, but also for the people who are playing the roles of the observer's family members.
Within this work, what often happens is the roles people are guided to play are often roles they need healing with in our own lives!
Once the family dynamic is brought back to energetic homeostasis, the effects are tangible in your own life, as well as between real life family members who weren't even aware of the constellation taking place. 
This is where "miracles" happen, and the generational healing anchors in!
This is where your soul becomes restored, and no longer limited by the generational loyalty that's been unconsciously directing your life.
It's a beautiful and wild process that I am so excited and deeply honored to be able to offer you!
As a participant, you will receive 1 Constellation, and participate in 4 - 5 Constellations

Typically, The going rate for a single S.I.T CONSTELLATION 
is $1111 +GST.

I am Offering This 6 session Group Healing experience for you at a Exclusive rate of $555!!

All I ask in exchange is a testimonial at the end of our 6 months that I can share with anyone who’s considering doing this work with me in the future!


Because of the nature of this work, I must admit, S.I.T Constellation workshops are not for everyone.

Constellations are truly an experience!

An experience that words could not do justice and an experience that is truly sacred.

Before reading on, let me state a small disclaimer so you know if this path is right for you:

Experiencing and participating in Constellation workshops require a level of spiritual, mystical and esoteric belief. 

The many miracles that take place inside a S.I.T Constellation workshop are what many cultures, especially in our Western world, have been indoctrinated to believe as "impossible", witchcraft, voodo,  etc.

For this reason, I am very particular in who I invite to work with me in these workshops.

And so by lovingly honoring you and the work, I am guided to state:

If you are in any way skeptical, close minded or fearful of spiritual practices and miracles, channeling other energies/entities/spirits/people, this may not be right for you.

If, however, you're open minded spiritually, and ready to heal beyond the veil, this S.I.T Constellation workshop may be just what you are looking for!



The dates are set for July 7-9th, 2023 (Fri-Sun) with no other dates booked at this time. The location is Whyte Ave area and will be disclosed after registration. Times each day will be approximately 10am-4pm.

Can I just book a constellation for myself without doing the group program?

Absolutely! A single constellation is $1111+GST.

If this is something you would prefer, please click to link below to fill out the application for and let me know in the notes section that this is your preference.

Once I receive your application, I will be in touch to secure the date & time.

Do I have to bring my family members to the constellation?

No! If you join the group experience, the other members of the group will surrogate your family members.

If you book a single constellation, I will provide surrogates. Many people prefer not to tell their families due to closed-mindedness, so use your discretion.

How is this different from Family Constellations? 

From people who’ve experienced both,  the feedback has been “S.I.T Constellations are so much more organized, consistent and potent”. 

If you’ve had a confusing or disorganized experience with Family Constellations in the past, I strongly encourage you to set that experience aside and try S.I.T Constellations.

There’s a very powerful structure that people have commonly said to be grounded & helpful!

A single constellation is approximately 2 - 2.5 hours, whereas Family Constellations are known to last as long as 8 hours!

I’ve never been a surrogate before. What if I can’t do it!?

This is a common fear, and every single person who’s had the fear is shocked at how quickly and easy they can settle into the role!

If there’s one space that’s safe AF for you to find this capacity within yourself, this small and intimate sacred space is it!

You were born knowing, I'm here to help you remember!

 $555 for this Exclusive Group Healing Experience! (Regular Investment $1111!)

All I ask for in exchange for the reduced investment 
is a testimonial I can use at the end!

I can’t wait to spend time with you in this sacred container !

Let’s break some generational patterns, shall we?